The Replica Rolex Yacht-Master is equipped with a countdown function designed specifically for sailing competitions; in 2007 when the watch industry was most passionate about sailing the brands rushed to launch the joint watch of America’s Cup otherwise these models In terms of function almost all of them are just ordinary chronographs. The Yacht-Master II is one of the few examples of the original movement that has been developed for this purpose. The red-framed arrow pointer in the center of the surface and the blue frame around the large half of the faceplate. The number is used for the countdown before the game. Players can set the countdown number and correct it at any time. It is the most complete function of the same type of function.
The movement of the reciprocal pointer is limited to the minute scale and will go back to 10 when it reaches 0. The color of the pointer is also a selling point for this. The blue and steel hour and minute hands and the red lacquered seconds hand are rare in Rolex. The 4161 calibers carried by the watch is basically modified from Daytona’s 4130. The group is mainly concentrated on the side of the faceplate the structure is quite complicated but the operation is still only through the existing crown and press. If you just want to experience the special complex features that Rolex Replica is rare this is a relatively easy start.”