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Dombkowski Action Plan: TOUGH ON CRIME

Community Issues:

Below is a Q & A format, based on questions submitted to the candidate. If you have questions or would like to know the candidate's stance on an issue, email us at! 

What qualities and/or experience do you have that make you the best candidate for Sheriff?

Experience | Proven Leadership | Training

EXPERIENCE MATTERS:  I have been fortunate and blessed to lead a well-respected and accredited law enforcement agency for the last 10 years as Chief of Police. In nearly 25 years of service with West Lafayette Police Department, I rose through the ranks service as a Field Training Office, Drug Recognition Expert, SWAT Team Member, School Safety Officer and Shift Command Lieutenant.

PROVEN LEADERSHIP:  Under my leadership, the WLPD became the first agency in Indiana to implement police body-cameras for all 50 officers in the field, ensuring TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY. Technology and progressive Community Policing Programs have been my focus, including Neighborhood Resource Teams and implementation of Motorcycle Patrols for increased traffic safety.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING & SKILLS:  I believe in giving my officers the best training, education, and resources available. I never ask them to do what I am not willing to do myself, including advanced leadership training at Northwestern University and the FBI Academy.

What are the Top 3 Issues you would like to see addressed, if elected?

Enforcement | Treatment | School Safety

1) INCREASED DRUG ENFORCEMENT:  The opioid epidemic has affected our entire community. We have seen a spike in violent crime which needs to be aggressively addressed by our Sheriff. As your next Sheriff, I will once again assign Detectives to our local Drug Task Force Detective Unit, just as LPD, WLPD, PUPD, and ISP currently do. We will increase the use of K9 Units on our streets and in our jail to meet and address current enforcement needs.

2) ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:  We need to STOP the revolving door of addicts in/out of our jail. I will provide professional addiction and mental health services IN THE JAIL, paid with commissary funds. These jail services will help people in crisis and will save tax dollars in the long run.

3) INCREASED SCHOOL SAFETY & PROGRAMS:  Currently, there are ONLY 2 School Resource Officers for 19 COUNTY SCHOOLS. As your Sheriff, I will implement a D.A.R.E. Program in EVERY TSC 5th grade class. Deputies will be in our classrooms and patrolling school zones.

If elected, what steps would you take to reduce the impact of illegal use of prescription and nonprescription drugs in Tippecanoe County?

Task Force Partnerships | K9 Units | Treatment

PARTNERSHIPS MATTER:  Earlier this year, LPD & WLPD started a new K9 based Highway Drug Interdiction Unit with grant funds. As your Sheriff, I will assign Sheriff's Deputies to this successful county-wide drug enforcement unit that removes drug smugglers and dangerous drugs from our highways.

PARTICIPATION MATTERS:  As your Sheriff, I will once again assign Detectives to the Tippecanoe Drug Task Force Detective Unit which conducts major drug dealing investigations in our county. I will also continue my role as the only area law enforcement head on the Tippecanoe County Opioid Task Force and on the State Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force.

ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:  We need to STOP the revolving door of addicts in & out of our jail. Providing professional addiction & mental health services IN THE JAIL & paid for with commissary funds will help people in crisis & will save tax dollars in the long run.

UTILIZE K9 UNITS:  For the last 3 years, our Deputies did not have K9 units available to them - the Sheriff disbanded all K9s in the middle of a drug crisis. As your Sheriff, I will increase K9 units for our Deputies fighting crime on our roadways and we will use K9s once again for jail sweeps to keep dangerous drugs OUT of our jail.

What federal and/or state support, if any, do you think is needed to more effectively address local law enforcement issues?


Partnerships | Working Together

In my current role as the President of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police and as Trustee to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, where I was appointed & reappointed by our last three Governors; Daniels, Pence & Holcomb, I have learned that we need to leverage state & federal resources whenever possible through partnerships.

These partnerships start by coming to the table to discuss issues & find solutions together.

Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement Leaders meet once a month in Tippecanoe County to discuss tough issues and to pool resources. I never miss these meetings (the current Sheriff does not attend these meetings) of law enforcement leaders.

As your next Sheriff, I will not only bring the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office TO the table, I will LEAD the table in our efforts to keep our county safe!


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