"I support Jason Dombkowski for Sheriff..."

The endorsements of our federal, state and area law enforcement officers speaks to the relationships I have cultivated throughout my career and proven record I have as a hands-on, collaborative partner. These are individuals that know the challenges of law enforcment, from the bottom up, and what it takes to effectively lead both sides of the desk - officers and offices.

The support of community members and service leaders alike is an integral part of my campaign that attests to my career's impact as a devoted public servant AND member of this community. I live here, work here and am raising a family here. There is no greater investment.

From beat cop to Police Chief, across city limits and county lines, my all encompassing goal has always only been to serve the safety of our community and the officers I command, to the best of my ability. To that end, I have not only risen in rank, but also education and experience. I am the candidate with not just the professional training, but also the vital leadership experience needed to effectively commmand our county's law enforcement.

As your next Sheriff, I will bring proven and professional leadership!                                                  

I am proud and humbled by each and every one of these endorsements. Thank you for your leadership and support!

-Jason Dombkowski

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State & Local Government Officals

  • Senator Brandt Hershman, Indiana State Senate
  • Dr. Jon Padfield, former State Representative
  • Sue Scholer, former State Representative
  • Randy Truitt, former State Representative


  • John R. Dennis, Mayor, City of West Lafayette
  • KD Benson, former Tippecanoe County Commissioner
  • David Byers, Tippecanoe County Commissioner
  • John Knochel, former Tippecanoe County Commissioner
  • Tom Murtaugh, Tippecanoe County Commissioner
  • Donna Avolt, Tippecanoe County Coroner
  • John Basham, President, Tippecanoe County Council
  • Zach Beasley, Tippecanoe County Surveyor
  • Christa Coffey, Tippecanoe County Clerk
  • Steve Dietrich, West Lafayette City Council
  • Jeff Findlay, former President, Shadeland Town Council
  • Nola Gentry, former Tippecanoe County Commissioner
  • Jonathan Jones, West Lafayette City Council
  • Gerry Keen, West Lafayette City Council
  • Barb Knochel, Washington Township Trustee
  • Matt Koehler, Wea Township Trustee
  • Bryan Metzger, Vice President,Tippecanoe County Council
  • Jerry Reynolds, Lafayette City Council
  • Kevin Underwood, Tippecanoe County Council
  • Norris Wang, West Lafayette City Council
  • Jennifer Weston, Tippecanoe County Treasurer
  • David Williams, Tippecanoe County Council
  • Roland Winger, Tippecanoe County Council

Public Safety Officals


  • Danny Barkley, Asst. Special Agent in Charge of Indiana, F.B.I., retired
  • Gary Durham, Special Agent in Charge of Indiana, U.S. Secret Service, retired


  • Doug Carter, Superintendent, Indiana State Police
  • Dan Dulin, State Law Enforcement Leader
  • Jerry Holeman, State Law Enforcement Leader
  • Jay Janke, Lieutenant, Indiana State Police, retired
  • Tom McKee, State Law Enforcement Leader
  • John Mishler, Lieutenant, Indiana State Police, retired
  • Brian Olehy, State Law Enforcement Leader
  • Kim Riley, State Law Enforcement Leader


  • Smokey Anderson, former Tippecanoe County Sheriff
  • Bob Brewer, Sergeant, Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, retired
  • Darrell Clase, Director Tippecanoe County EMS
  • Carrie Costello, Chief Deputy, Tippecanoe County Coroner's Office
  • Dan Dowell, Fire Chief, Shadeland
  • Jason Huber, Executive Director, Tippecanoe County Community Corrections
  • Mark Kirby, Captain, Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, retired
  • Dan McGrew, Lieutenant,Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, retired
  • Nick Wagner, Fire Chief, Buck Creek
  • Rick Walker, Lieutenant, Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, retired


  • Carol Baunach, Captain, Purdue University Police, retired
  • Jeanette Bennett, Lieutenant, Lafayette Police, retired
  • Jerry Burk, Area Law Enforcement Leader
  • Bill Coghill, Chief of Police, Purdue University Police, retired
  • John Cox, Chief of Police, Purdue University
  • John Dorroll, Lieutenant, Purdue University Police, retired
  • Chris Downard, Captain, Lafayette Police, retired
  • Troy Harris, Deputy Chief, West Lafayette Police
  • Chico Hatke, Lieutenant, Lafayette Police, retired
  • Tim Heath, Fire Chief, City of West Lafayette
  • Chris Leroux, Deputy Chief, West Lafayette Police, retired
  • Jim Morrow, former Fire Chief, City of Lafayette
  • Marc Motuliak, Captain, Lafayette Fire Department, retired
  • Kevin Ply, Fire Chief, Purdue University
  • Gene Reed, Chief of Police, City of Lafayette, retired
  • Jim Reeves, Deptuy Chief, Lafayette Police, retired
  • Don Roush, Chief of Police, City of Lafayette, retired
  • Chris Schiuszi, Area Law Enforcement Leader
  • Tony Schutter, Deputy Fire Chief, City of West Lafayette
  • Gary Sparger, Captain, West Lafayette Police, retired


  • Troy Bacon, Chief of Police, City of Frankfort
  • Michael Bates, Deputy Chief, Indianapolis Metorpolitan Police, retired
  • Mark Bowen, Hamilton County Sheriff & 2017 President of Indiana Sheriff's Association
  • Paul Ciesielski, former Chief of Police, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police
  • Michael Diekhoff, Chief of Police, City of Bloomington
  • Brian Hillis, Assistant Chief, Logansport Police, retired
  • Kevin Jowitt, Chief of Police, City of Noblesville
  • Dr. Neil Moore, Chief of Police, City of Ft. Wayne, retired
  • Jeff Phillips, Chief of Police, City of Rensselaer
  • John Plasse, Chief of Police, City of Terre Haute
  • Randy Soliday, Chief of Police, City of Monticello
  • Darron Sparks, Chief of Police, City of Anderson, retired

Faith Leaders

  • Pastor Reggie Alderman, Police Chaplain
  • Pastor James Foster, Area Faith Leader
  • Pastor David French, Area Faith Leader
  • Dr. Will Miller, Police Chaplain
  • Pastor Bill Murdock, Police Chaplain
  • Pastor Steve Viars, Area Faith Leader

Business & Community Leaders

  • Jim Andrew, Owner, Henry Poor Lumber Company
  • John & Connie Basham, Owners, Basham Rentals
  • Denny Clark, Owner, Lafayette Glass Company, Inc.
  • Mary Cook, Owner, Harry's Chocolate Shop
  • Doug Cooper, Owner, Sgt. Preston's & Outpost Catering
  • Debi DeBruyn, Executive Director of the Greater Lafayette YWCA
  • Levi J. Huffman, Owner, Huffman & Hawbaker Farms
  • Kelley Henriott, Vice President, Henriott Group, Inc.
  • Meghan Hunter, Owner, Hunter's Pub
  • Alan Kemper, Kemper Farms, est. 1888
  • David Meihls, Owner, ADA Consultants of Indiana
  • Brad Miller, Owner, Schomers Plumbing, Heating & Air
  • Doug Mulhaupt, President, Mulhaupt's Inc.
  • Jerry & Jan O'Bryan, Owners, O'Bryan's Nine Irish Brothers
  • Tim Powers, President, School Datebooks / SDI Innovations
  • Jennifer Rider, CEO & President, Lafayette Instrument Company
  • Cathy Russell, Broker, The Russell Company
  • Steve Schreckengast, Owner, Citation Homes, Inc.
  • Erika Steuterman, Indiana Veterans' Affairs Commission, Chairman
  • Dan Towery, President, Drive Sober, Inc.
  • Dr. John Wagner, DC, Wagner Chiropractic Center
  • Kurt Watt, Owner, Reliable Insurance Solutions
  • Dr. Jerry & Patti Weida, Owners, Weida Apartments
  • Bob Wollenburg, Executive Director, American Red Cross of Tippecanoe County, retired
  • Pattie Wollenburg, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness - WCI, retired



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