About Jason...

Jason Dombkowski and his wife, Cristie, reside in West Lafayette with their four teen-aged children.

As a longtime West Lafayette resident, Jason Dombkowski's deep devotion to and investment in our community is unquestionable. With four active teenagers (2 in high school, 2 in college - Purdue & IU) he is a familiar face at most community and athletic events, keeping him well-attuned to the cares and concerns of our citizenry. As such, Jason's multiple roles as Citizen, Husband, Father, and Law Enforcement Leader, give him a perspective that both motivates and enhances his devotion to duty – serving and safeguarding our community.

As a 25 year law enforcement veteran –11 years as West Lafayette's Chief of Police – Jason brings an unprecedented level of qualification and experience as a candidate for Sheriff. He worked his way "up through the ranks" and developed a leadership style uniquely honed to balance both sides of law enforcement administration – taking care of his officers and maintaining responsiblity and accountability to and for the community. Beyond his proven record of inter-agency cooperation and his innovation and transparency as Chief of Police, his level of professional training (F.B.I. National Academy Graduate) and education (leadership degrees from both Purdue and IU) bring knowledge and experience that our Sheriff's Office and law enforcement teams desperately need in these challenging times. As Sheriff, Jason will institute fiscal and resource accountability in the administration, lead our law enforcement officers with stalwart integrity, and implement a tough, no-nonsense stance on those who violate our community's safety and well-being.

Jason Dombkowski is unequivocally the best candidate.
Place your trust in a proven leader and vote for him on November 6, 2018. Elect a proven and professional leader to the Office of Tippecanoe County Sheriff!



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